A little bit of a taster…

Hi name is Mollie and I discovered about two years ago that I was going through early menopause. I thought to myself I must start a journal. So here I am.Now you might be thinking what, 2 years later.

To be honest it could be 3 years
but I’ve never been that good at timekeeping.  ‘Why now? ’Well when the doctors fed up of listening, your partner switched off; mmm let me see about 2 years ago.

(The only time Ian pricks up is when he hears,  ‘love the doctor’s trying me on a new type of HRT’ ,  he knows from experience  this could lead to an intermittent flash flood of libido)   and none YES none of your friends are joining you on this journey.   Then the time feels right to open up to complete and utter strangers who might just empathise and enjoy a light
hearted giggle in the midst of this all this impending doom.   I did think about joining a help group but the thought of putting on a woolly cardy and not waxing my beard for a week terrifies me

Ok, I will tell you a little bit about myself, one it will ease us in gently and two I can use it for my bio on the bloggers site I have just registered for. YES; you read that correctly, I have just signed up to a bloggers site about 10
minutes ago. I have never read a blog, reviewed a blog, or wrote a blog. What could possibly go wrong!

Right back to me, I am 46 years old, live with my partner of 10 years Ian,  have one grown up son aged 29 and 2 beautiful grandchildren.  I sometimes wonder if the early onset of menopause is a punishment for ‘starting too early’ I
can almost hear the deadly whisper of Mother Nature now,  “become a single mother at 17 will you, become a grandma at 45 will you” .   No more sex, drugs or sausage rolls for you , your nights will be spent eating Pumpkin not Pastry, necking Rennie , not Ecstasy and abandon all hope of any Rumpy- de -pumpy !